• Cloud-R RD

    From data to science in total security and compliance

  • Secure

    Cloud based secure structure of data storage

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use when entering data and when retrieving reports

  • Adaptable

    Real time update of records, aggregate data and statistics


Cloud-R RD is the only total compliance turnkey & adaptable cloud based registry of data related to conditions / treatments / patients affected by rare diseases.


How many times did the paperwork for patient consent and privacy slow down the scientific or clinical workflow ?

As fundamental as regulation is, it must be correctly cared for, keeping in track with security and confidentiality rules and needs.
This is one of the main areas that benefits from Cloud-R: the platform enables a no-frills and user friendly framework for total compliance with privacy and security regulation, freeing time and energies for clinical and research work.

  • Compliance to Privacy regulation
  • Patient informed consent
  • Ethic Committe approvals
  • Cut on value consuming activities
    paperwork, manual tracking of privacy and consent documents

Treating rare diseases is a challenge itself, how much could practice gain from a powerful tool, that helps gathering raw data and turns it into useable information ?

Cloud-R deploys a simple, hassle-free, customizable platform that enables doctors and researchers to gather data, get it structured as needed and retrieve significant intelligence, insights and statistics, thus multiplying the knowledge embedded in daily work.
That’s what, and not only, Cloud-R has been developed for: put technology at work to give better, deeper evidence based science for patients and the scientific community.

  • Fast and user friendly data entry
  • Cost-effectively select relevant findings for real treatment improvements, clinical studies and publications
  • Total adaptability to key indicators and relevant clinical patterns
  • Customizable user interface and dashboard



Cloud-r provides for availability of documents for informed consent and privacy approval from patients, as well as for ethic committees documentation



Cloud-R gives great importance to patient information at enrollment, providing a complete privacy package, separate for clinical and genetic data. The information structure enables full adaptability to relevant patient indicators

Easy to use

Easy to use

Cloud-R has been designed keeping in mind the needs of doctors and researchers, focusing on the best practices in patient management and clinical data treatment and statistical reports retrieval

Access security & user profilation

Access security & user profilation

The cloud based structure assures secure data storage, while hierarchy and access permission are clearly stated and strictly enforced, with access segregated following authorization levels. Security levels are certified for a growing number of compliance standards and controls, and independent third party audits test for data safety, privacy and security

Accessible from everywhere, Multi-site, Multi-language

Accessible from everywhere, Multi-site, Multi-language

The cloud based infrastructure enables full flexibility of access, with multiple choices possible for data location and multilingual capabilities

Flexible and scalable structure

Flexible and scalable structure

Cloud-R has a very flexible base structure, that can adapt and grow with the requirements of the user, following new needs, enhancing productivity of data and value of information

Easy integration

Easy integration

The cloud based structure and flexible software design enable Cloud-R to easily integrate with existing systems and database, in such a way that any available data so far can be recovered and entered in the new platform

Advanced statistics & patient summary

Advanced statistics & patient summary

Data can be easily indexed and statistically elaborated, following the needs and requests of the user. Adaptable dashboards, reports and graphics are available, with real time update of records and totally customizable key indicators structure




Regulatory | Privacy | Patient consent | Data protection


Data enter | Key indicators | Dashboard | Statistics

Strongest protection of all data through worldwide best-in-class security technologies and cloud services

Strong process structure guiding user through all steps of privacy rules and patient consent

Easy collection and organization of patients/clinical data

Easy integration with other registries and data shareability

Medics and researchers can concentrate on their core clinical and scientific activities

From data to science in total security and compliance

  • Benefits
  • Improve quality of gathered data
  • Optimize Key Indicators to be tracked
  • Enable correlation of data and clinical evolution
  • Enable retrospective and prospective studies in total regulatory compliancy
  • Support improvement in treatments and prevention
  • Enable segregate access by authorized personnel at each organizational level in total compliance with regulation
  • Absolute data protection
  • Data and reports available 24/7

Cloud Infrastructure Compliance and certifications

Cloud Platform infrastructure used by Cloud-R is certified for a growing number of compliance standards and controls, and undergoes several independent third party audits to test for data safety, privacy and security.

Platform statistics

Follow-up patients

Medical specialists

Active centers

Clinical case studies

About us

Cloud-R is an innovative start-up totally focused on the creation and management of cloud registries for rare diseases. The founders are business executives with 25+ years of international experience in healthcare, pharma and other industrial sectors, skilled in high-tech and processes, active partners of the Health ICT Observatory of Politecnico di Milano.

About us

Cloud-R mission is to generate knowledge value for patients and the scientific community, providing innovative collaboration and data analysis modes enabled by the most advanced technologies based on cloud computing.

The company headquarters is located in Milan - Italy.


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